Wooden Brick Letter F Stencil Letter O letter N Magnetic letter F

I created this “Spell with Flickr” word to use as an image for my Learnist learning board on TBLT (Task Based Language Teaching).  Why did I decide to create a Learnist board on TBLT?  Because, of course, I have real work to do that I don’t really want to apply myself to! I have almost (no, not really) convinced myself that because the Learning board is about TBLT that I am really working.  I have a presentation to do next Friday (21st September) on the report that is due in the first week of October.  I also have a presentation to do to the BOT on elearning in my school, and 140 medical forms to process for the outdoor education camp that I am organising in Tongariro National Park in November.  You can see why I am creating Learnist boards!

So what does FONF mean?  Better go and have a look at my board!


I was invited to “Learnist” yesterday and I couldn’t resist playing with it today.  It looks like it could be a great way of curating resources – websites, videos, pictures and documents around a theme to create a Learning Board.  I decided to make one to help people learn the Present Tense in Spanish.

At the moment you can only log in through Facebook, which is a bit limiting if you don’t have a FB account.  Nor is there a mobile app just yet.  However, reading the comments on the home page, it sounds like they are looking into creating other ways to log in and also plan to create an app. Have a look at my board and see what you think. It is very basic but only took me about half an hour to create. I am sure that with more effort I could add more of my own resources and personalise it.