The Merry-go-round has only just started and I’m already feeling sick…

image of merry-go-round viewed from below with people looking like they are flying legs outstretched
Here we go round and round and round….

Oh dear, a couple of days of not reading blogs and tweets and Facebook and I am lost again! I am trying not to get overwhelmed and distracted, interesting as all the edcmooc threads are, and concentrate on the work I need to do for my day job! I spent a day yesterday trying to plan my Spanish Scheme of Work; I have lots of ideas but I don’t seem to be able to focus on one thing and am diverted when I start to search for resources and find something else which I get excited about but which distracts me from what I should be doing! (take a breath!) I think I have quite a lot of lesson plans but they are all a bit disjointed at the moment and I need some order to my thoughts. My good friend Allyn helped me get my head around the quagmire of NCEA as this is the first year I will be teaching the new standards and I think I know where I am going now on that particular journey. I just need to FOCUS!!
Then I decided to check my school emails – oh dear! More things to do – I should never have looked! I have just spent an hour sorting out things that really could have waited until Thursday if I hadn’t looked today! How does one manage not to multi-task and just concentrate on one thing?
Maybe I should switch off the computer and go back to a pen and a book?

Thanks to Katey Mack for the great photo. If you are in Cumbria check out the Wolfhouse Kitchen – awesome eatery