eFellow Master Class By the Sea

RaumatiWe are in a little bubble of inspiration in a bit of paradise on the Kapiti Coast. It is now quiet and all I can hear apart from the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard and the gentle hum of my laptop is the sound of the ocean as the waves roll onto the beach just a few yards away from my window.
It has been, as always at the eFellows Master Classes, a day of energising conversation, good food, excellent company and brain numbing challenges. We are nearly at the end of our year and the announcement that applications for eFellows for 2015 were now open reminded us of that quite starkly. We don’t want our time together to end. Why? Because we have learned so much. We may not have the luxury to have the time in the future, to immerse ourselves so fully into such long stretches of fascinating and rigorous discussions as we have had this year.
Our inquiries are starting to come together, data has been collected and our objective over the next few days is to start analysing it, and to draw some tentative conclusions. Then we will need to overlay the reading we have done and craft our presentations. They are exciting times as we compare our inquiries, question each other and provoke our own thinking and each other’s thinking.
My brain is tired and my eyes are heavy and it has been a long, long day. Time to sleep so I am refreshed for the challenges tomorrow will bring. But not before a peek outside at the dark, dark sky full of bright, bright stars.

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