EdcMooc is open!

Nitty gritty time!  I started this morning at 7.30am with a list of SIX things I needed to do before school starts tomorrow.  I have managed to do TWO of them.  Only six you say?  That’s because my brain is already frazzled and I could only think of that many and make a note of them on my phone memo. Several more happened along the way this morning and snuck their way in, have been ticked off and consigned to the “done that” pile.

laptop with roses in a vase next to it on a table outsideThen I get an email from Coursera to say that the “elearning and digital cultures” course is now open! Too early, not ready, upset the planning I had!  Dilemma – do I stick to my planned list of things to do or do I dive headlong into edcmooc!?

I think for my own peace of mind I have to stick to my plan, take a walk around the garden, clear my head and then do the jobs on the list before facing the unknown challenges of “Elearning and Digital Cultures”,

Wish me luck!

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