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Ko wai au?

Not much to say really!  Born and brewed in Leeds just like Tetley’s beer!  Moved to the Yorkshire Dales so I could spend more time exploring the underworld of life – caves, cavers and the like! Met Nigel who is now my husband, alter ego, other half etc and we now have two little clones called Lachlan and Aonghas.  I speak French fluently, my Spanish is improving rapidly as I teach it, and I have enough German to get by. I enjoy photography, walking in the hills, surfing on the beach, caving underground, reading and being with my family.   We needed a change of scenery, to get out of a rut and challenge ourselves so decided that life might be better/different down under so headed out to NZ in January 2008.  Eight years on we are truly esconsed in the Kiwi way and enjoying life!  For 7 years I worked in an all girls Anglican school teaching Spanish, organising Outdoor camps and exploring the use of technology to support teaching and learning.  In 2014 I was honoured to have been awarded  an eFellowship from Core Education.   This year I have taken a leap and left the classroom and I am now working in an advisory capacity with schools supporting them as they integrate digital technologies into their curricula for effective teaching and learning.

Live life, laugh long, enjoy!

366 Photos

The original aim of 366 Photos was to post one photo a day for the whole of 2016. As it was a leap year that was 366 photos. It was sometimes a challenge choosing a photo from the many I have taken that best represents the day.  On other days the challenge was taking a  photo at all!  When the year came to an end, I wasn’t ready to stop posting. It had become a habit, so I continued. In 2018, I decided to switch challenges when a friend posted a link to the Dogwood Photography Challenge to post a photo a week. The real challenge is that there is a different theme each week.  Since I take most of my photos with my phone, I have struggled with some of the more technical photos, but I have enjoyed pushing myself to think outside the box.Glade Copper Butterfly with daisy

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces started off life as my own personal diary – we had our family blog for family related stuff, and I had my professional blog for learning related stuff but I had nowhere for me to just, well, write and ramble. I also use it when I am off travelling without the family on school trips to record my adventures. So I ended up making it public…

green whirlpool
In a Whirl

Easegill Today….The Robertson Family Blog…

Who knows what we will call it?! It started off as my husband Nigel’s blog but then we decided to make it the family blog. The name ‘Easegill Today’ stayed but it doesn’t really reflect the family. My thinking is that it has been our family blog name for so long now that we might as well keep it! It is currently ‘Today This’ …not sure about that!

The idea was to be able to connect with people and let them know what we were up to as well as being a documentary of our adventures.  Initially, we posted regularly, especially when I wasn’t working, but as time has gone on and we have been increasingly busy, we have posted less and less until really it is just an annual round up.  Occasionally, there are a few posts in a row, for instance in 2016 Christmas we went on a wee tiki tour of the South Island with Aunty Chris and so I thought it was worthy of a few posts. It is nice to go back and read what we have got up to over the years!

Citizenship ceremony official photo. The whole family with the mayor of kirikiriroa
Photo from the HCC Citizenship Ceremony held at Hamilton Gardens Pavilion, Hamilton, New Zealand. Taken: Friday, 28 July 2017. Photo: Mike Walen / KeyImagery Photography

Photo Album

I am a bit of a photograph nut and always have my eye out for an interesting subject, odd angle, quirky perspective and tricky bit of light.  I am an avid user of Instagram and we upload photos to our Flickr account although I don’t always keep up with organising them.  That is one of my aims for this year – the “instant upload photos” in flickr are a bit like the piles of packets of unsorted prints I used to have!  The problem is that there are hundreds more of them because it is so easy to click away when you don’t have to pay for the printing before you get to see the photos!  This blog is a sort of celebration of photos and I want to see if I can embed my Flickr feed and my Instagram feed so it is a dynamic page without me having to do anything! – still a work in progress I am still working on how to embed my flickr feed into this page, so for the time being here is a static gallery and a hyperlink to our Flickr photostream.

Bright yellow flower formed like elongated bells  

Learning Rules OK

This is the Book Club that I created for a Year 9 English class.


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  1. Hi, just read your blog about your first day with the Coursera course. I recognize the bewilderment of where to start. I spending time reading the course materials, reading comments, looking at videos and looking at the options for the final assessment. For me also, the level of english is difficult.
    I would like to thank you for the links in your post, very interesting and something i will certainly use in my final assessment or my day to day life as a teacher.

  2. Hi. I read your blog. To be honest I do not know how I get to it (Im quite lost in this EDC, but i do not mind, as I just want to start). But surprisingly it has been very interesting for me. Just the title, My journey learnig is very good for me.
    Please, tell me if I can find you in google plus, and what is your twitter account.
    And if you need any help with your Spanish, do not hesitate to ask!, Im fron Seville

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