Korero make the world go round

Time seems to be in short supply at the moment and blog posts are at the bottom of the pile of mahi! I have so many ideas to write about but need time to organise my thoughts into some sort of coherent stream.  
Today though, I want to note a couple of things very briefly.

The day started with discussions with the rest of an interview panel for the appointment of our Kāhui Ako / Community of Learning leader. I am the BoT representative for my school and feel very privileged to be on the panel. It is allowing me a unique perspective of the whole process and as well as being able to support the community it will help me when I work with Kāhui Ako / CoLs in the future. I was a little apprehensive at first but am now looking forward to the whole process. Exciting times. 

After that I headed to Rotorua for NetHui just in time to catch the end of the discussion about Maori ICT.  I then joined in the kōrero about Digital Inclusion and Collective Impact. They were fascinating discussions and it was enlightening to hear the stories from outside an educational setting. Too often, as educators, we are blinkered by the ivory towers of the institutes of learning we call schools!

I just wish more teachers could have been there. As we strive to make learning more authentic with real world contexts to prepare students for life, the connections we make with business and other sectors of the community are increasingly important. NetHui facilitates those conversations and enables the connections. The collated tweets below tell the story until I have more time to process my reflections.  

in the foreground the screen of a laptop. The viewer is looking over it at a panel of people sitting behind a wooden desk. There is a speaker at a lectern to the left of them

Photo by Anne Robertson CC-BY


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