#28daysofwriting Day 14

Two days missed so the question is,  “Do I try to write three posts in one day to catch up or just accept that I just don’t have time to blog everyday especially at such a busy time of the year at school,  and move on? ”
I think I’ll just move on.
Partly because I really can’t think of three things to write about,  and partly because I don’t have time!
I was thinking today that it was odd the things that make us excited.  Of course big things like weddings and birthdays,  holidays and visiting relatives and friends we may not have seen for a while,  are obvious.  And, of course,  what makes us excited changes as we grow up.  Birthdays don’t really excite me the way that they used to.  Another year older, another year gone by.  But as a child I would count the weeks down and then the days, and then the hours until “B Day” arrived with all the anticipation of opening presents and surprises and parties.
But what about the little things?
A couple of weeks ago,  I was crazily excited when I went to edit a table in a google doc and found that finally Google had enabled cell merging! I actually whooped for joy and ran through the house to tell my husband! (who of course already knew since it had been enabled whilst I was away in December). I emailed my colleagues, as this has been a frustration for many of them in the change over from Microsoft Word to Google docs,  and immediately received similarly excited replies from two of them!


My next excited moment was this week when out in the Tron for a wee beer.  The Little George Bar had an Instabooth.  If you share an instagram photo with the hashtag of the name of the bar,  an actual photo is printed just like the original Instamatic photos from the box on the bar.  Well,  my friend and I then spent the next half hour taking photos and sharing them and excitedly waiting for them to pop out of the box! The power of a tangible artefact cannot be measured!
And I cannot talk about what makes us excited on such a day as this without mentioning St Valentine.  On a day when every other FaceBook update is a photo of flowers, chocolates, cuddly bears with hearts on and romantic dinners “à deux”, the excitement is evident. It is another excitement that has diminished as the years have moved on for me given that my husband doesn’t believe in Valentine’s  Day.  “Just another money making hyped up capitalist opportunity!” So I have  rarely, in our 25 years together, enjoyed gifts of flowers or chocolates on the 14th Feb.   He prefers to surprise me on other random days of the year!
All good I say, keep the surprises coming!

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