Reflections of a year as a CoreEd #efellow14: Part 2

Monarch butterfly feeding on purple flower

Transformation was the big theme of our year. So the image I had chosen for my Twitter icon seemed an appropriate one. Among lots of other things, it made me wonder why I chose it as my icon when I joined Twitter.  Was it some subconscious thought about my own transformation, a sense that I was still learning and growing, that I am constantly in search of who I am.  Or more likely, I just liked the photo I had taken in Hamilton Gardens that sunny summer day!  But when we are asked to choose things that represent who we are, what are roots are, where we come from I think we do search for things with meaning however subconsciously.

This year we have been asked many questions, we have questioned, we have been asked to ask questions of ourselves and we have sought answers.  We have not always found them and we were often sidetracked by questions that were lurking in the undergrowth to challenge us further.  The rhizomes took us further into the dark and mysterious chasms of doubt, self-doubt, wonderings, wonder, discovery and enlightenment and then back again!

I decided to use the images of our first Master Class to make a digital story, so here it is.

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