Code Girls!

Image of students, all girls, focussed on coding on computers in  a classroom
“in the zone”

I just introduced my Year 9 class to Code Avengers – what a buzz!  They were a little unsure at first, looked at me askance and I am sure some of them were thinking, “What on earth is she getting us to do now?” But five minutes in, they were starting to get badges, fists thrust into the air, high fives and gasps of “Yes!” as they got the code correct. They were so absorbed that the bell for the end of the lesson went and we had to hurry to pack away. Oh! Silo teaching – the “flow” was broken and off they went to their next block.  At least their minds were buzzing, the conversations I heard as I went around the classroom – “We’re trying to be strategic about where we put the obstacles”, “I wonder what would happen if we changed …”, and the delight too – “I love this.”, “This is the best lesson we’ve had.”, “It’s really making me think, but it’s fun too.”

Looking forward to the next lesson and hopefully some of them will continue at home.


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