#efellows14 Auckland March 2014

group photo of 7 people taken in office

efellows14 – a video

I am sitting in a cafe in Auckland feeling both exhausted and energised at the same time.  I have so much to think about and to write about but my head is still spinning from the inspiring conversations I was a part of over the last three days.
We have just had our first Core Education  Master Class as efellows for 2014.  It was great to finally get to know Marnel @1mvds , Rowan @RowanTaigel, Ben @Mr Ben Britten,  Tim @nzteachology,  Vicky @hagrnz,  and Bec @Bec_Power.  What an awesome bunch of creative and enthusiastic people.  It’s going to be great being on a journey with you guys. John and Louise from Core were incredibly exciting to be with and learn from and we had the opportunity to visit two fantastic schools.

Since being awarded the efellowship back in October, the excitement of getting the “phone call” and being introduced publicly at ULearn, all has been quiet on the efellowship front and we might almost have thought it had been a figment of our imagination. The last three days brought us firmly back to and the excitement has returned.  I am BUZZING!

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