Procrastination – term 4 lethargy – searching for inspiration

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You can tell I have more work to do than I can fit in a day when I am avoiding doing it at all costs!  Deadlines loom and I will be working frantically into the night to meet them the evening before when I could really save myself the stress and just do the work now.  But that would make life far too easy, wouldn’t it?  I am in the throes of “term 4 lethargy”; it is a highly infectious disease, caught when in close proximity to students who have had enough or who are panicking about exams and so are busily burying their heads in the sand and pretending it will all go away if they don’t really think about it too much.

This weekend, as well as trying to encourage my own son to revise and develop a study plan, I had planned to finish writing my year 10 Spanish Exam. It is mostly done but I have to put it in for photocopying tomorrow morning and so it really needs to be completed.   But my house is also a complete pigsty, washing is (was)  piled up either to be washed or to be put away, the dishwasher has broken and we had to go and look for a new one,  the garden beckons (the sun was shining today), I have friends who need support (two hour phone calls) and this morning was the edcmchat about The Great Wall of Mars.  Apart from the Yr 10 Exam, everything else got done and now I am blogging about it!

The Twitter chat was energising and, of course, I had to read the short story first – that was yesterday evenings “task”.  All work and no play, makes Jack or Jill a dull boy or girl and it also allows you to look outside the box for a short while and put things in perspective.  These Twitter chats have grown out of the MOOC (repeat of which starts tomorrow – not too late to enroll and I would thoroughly recommend it!)  in which I participated earlier in the year.  A few of us decided to form a group on GoodReads, choose a book to read each month and then chat about it.  I have been very much a bystander, a participant rather than a mover and a shaker ( I haven’t plucked up courage to moderate a chat yet) but have thoroughly enjoyed the chats I have been able to participate in.  Nor have I always found the time to read the books, but this month we had a short story which was great and I was also at home on Sunday morning to join in.

I had forgotten how stimulating it is to just chat about a book, to think about the themes, to share your thoughts with others and to spark new ideas from others’ comments and opinions.  I have created a Storify from the Tweets.  You probably need to read the story to really understand the comments.  Maybe, you’d like to join in?  Next read is “I love you like water” by Angela Slatter.

Now, where was I …..?


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