TAGSExplorer: Interactive archive of twitter conversations from a Google Spreadsheet for #edcmchat #edcmooc

http://hawksey.info/tagsexplorer/?key=0AlRH7JoVHnnLdENHMm54RWVQN1NNU0tJZEpsXzQ3UEE&sheet=oaw Fascinating statistics! I’m not a mathematician or a statistician and my eyes usually glaze over when I see graphs but I love the way that this graphic shows the interactions. I am also amazed and a litle proud that my name stands out just a bit! I find the Twitter chats quite energising and love the free flow of ideas that punctuate the chat. The ideas take some to process and synthesise, time which I am sorely lacking right now but I am sure that they will not be forgotten and will inform my thoughts in the future. Thanks everyone.

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