Reality Check

20130103_161713I can tell when I am sort of rested when I can’t sleep at night and I actually feel like I want to work! Or maybe it’s that “holiday almost over”, “back to school looming” sort of panic and mild hysteria that I have far too much to do in the short time left of the holiday that prompts me to try to settle down to some work?  I still want to make the most of not being in the daily demands of the school bell, spend some time with the family and get to the beach before the summer is over  In a bid to get some stuff ticked off early in the hope that I will have time before the merry-go-round starts again on the 24th January I spent yesterday writing my Spanish Scheme of Work and am still only, at most, a third of the way to completing it!

Whilst checking my mail today I found a great website called “Ideas to inspire” which has heaps of great  slideshows on a whole range of topics.  I found one about QR codes and how to use them in school to enhance learning and I thought this video would be great to show my staff at school.  I guess we also have to be careful of QR overload though or it could become a bit like the “death by powerpoint” of the last decade!

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