Wooden Brick Letter F Stencil Letter O letter N Magnetic letter F

I created this “Spell with Flickr” word to use as an image for my Learnist learning board on TBLT (Task Based Language Teaching).  Why did I decide to create a Learnist board on TBLT?  Because, of course, I have real work to do that I don’t really want to apply myself to! I have almost (no, not really) convinced myself that because the Learning board is about TBLT that I am really working.  I have a presentation to do next Friday (21st September) on the report that is due in the first week of October.  I also have a presentation to do to the BOT on elearning in my school, and 140 medical forms to process for the outdoor education camp that I am organising in Tongariro National Park in November.  You can see why I am creating Learnist boards!

So what does FONF mean?  Better go and have a look at my board!

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