Notes and planning for a new year

I have been trying to get my head around the projects I am involved with this year and have managed, as usual, to procrastinate and find lots of other, not necessarily more interesting as I am excited by what I have to do this year, fun activities to distract me.  Checking my emails I found this video link

Paraphernalia from Sabrina Cotugno on Vimeo.

from my husband, which is delightful, and I am trying to work out how I can build it into my teaching programme to enhance my students’ learning.  All too often, and I speak from experience here, we find a resource which we think is fantastic and are so keen to use it and share it in the classroom, we don’t necessarily use it in the best way possible to enhance the learning of the students. I am also keen to look at how I can use Vimeo myself. Another thing I want to improve this year is how I bookmark links that I find; I am pretty good at slotting them into Diigo as I find them but my cataloguing and tagging system is not well-refined and so it is sometimes difficult to find the link that I know I saved several months ago!

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